Admission of Elders

Total facility is available for 50 elders. Total 6000 sqft existing on Ground and I floor. Main portions: hall + kitchen + 4 rooms; other 8 portions - individual / shared rooms.

To admit an elder in the home, a application form has to be filled by the admission seekers.
Admission of 25 peoples reserved for free categorty. For Fund support category (shared beds) monthly maintenance cost Rs. 7,000/- and -Rs. 21,000/- as one time donation has to be paid during admission for the normal elders. In case of bed ridden patients Rs.10,000/- as montly maintenance cost and Rs.30,000/- as one time Donation are collected.

The one time donation is non-refundable; utilised to develop infras like steel cots, matresses, wheel chairs, etc for the Home. If the resident requires special cares or individual room, is charged extra according to the space/facilities they utilise at Home.

Activities of Trust

To maintain the Home and elders care we have appointed 4 care takers/house keeping assistant.
Supports like Day care, full time care, washing, palatable food preparation for the age-olds, entertainments, poojas, temple visits are provided to the inmates of the Home.

Our doctors would visit fortnightly and based on the requirements. In case of emergency we provide medical care in V-Cure located nearby to our Home. Extra medical care (medicines, hospitalisation, etc) if any, should be taken care by inmate's relatives (if applicable). Orphaned elders will be taken care by Home.

FREE Admission of Poor and Destitute

We accomodate destitute elders or elders from poor background at free of cost. But the number of admission is restricted to 25, total capacity 50 beds now.

Free Category: (50% of residents)
We need valid reference from Volunteers, NGOs or Police Certificate assuring destitute status.

This is since we are not getting any monitory fund from Govt. or private agencies to pay the floor rent, salaries, EB, medical care, food etc.

All these are managed from the contribution from inmates relatives and especially through supports from Home's well wishers.

We are planning to construct own building for the charity services and the Home is seeking public's contribution to help and support the destitute and poor elders who struggle much to survive.


Deposit based admission is introduced from December 2018. Under which, Rs.3,00,000/- is returnable deposit and monthy charge (for food and facility) will be Rs.4,000/-. Likewise Rs.5,00,000/- deposit & montly Rs.2,000/-, and 7,00,000/- deposit and no montly charges.

Individual room with TV and separate bathroom, dining/reading table and food and medical check-up facilities are extended for deposit Rs.10,00,000/- and monthly charges Rs.5,000/-.

Contact for more info:

Dr.C.R. Suriyakumar - Secretary, 8122002261, 94449 04947, &

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Our Family

The elderly residents enjoy the presence of volunteers and well-wishers as though they receive their own relatives. People celebrate their special days like bithday, wedding day, memorial and special days and offer special feast to elders. The Home also organise all the festival and rituals as by a typical Indian family.

We all beleive ourselves as one big family, having all kind of members with different qualities..

The Care

We are providing desired / diet food and day-to-day care to the elderly inmates in a homely atmosphere.Strictly there is NO religion/community, rich/poor classes, gender and healthy or bed-ridden differenciations in our Home. All are human beings and at their old age they need peace of mind and good food/shelter to enjoy a friendly environment. Though we could face some practical difficulties we CAN maintain here a good hormony among the elders from various religions and communities.

Monetary Supports

Those who have good background and family support (financial) we collect their minimum montly expenses. For the elders admitted in our Home those who can not afford any fee, destitute from family or deprived (orpaned) in the society we are here to take care, with the supports from our kind hearted humanitarians - the donars and volunteers.

Counselling / Last Rites

Some of the inmates are sent back happily to their own family - by giving proper counselings (both to the elderly inmate and family members). The Home inmates are usually become part of our big family and thier sudden demises makes us feeling of great missing. If they have family, we help them to do all the funeraries. To the residents who are orphaned/destituted we do care for their last rites with friends and well-wishers support.