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VACANCY for 1 woman and 1 bed-ridden patients in our Idhaya Vaasal Elders' Home

(as on 05-06-2023)

For admitting elders, please refer our list of Homes in and around Chennai run by other NGOs /Homes from this link


Admission form

Total facility is available for 40 elders. Present facility at Pallikaranai has total 6000 sq.ft. of living area, existing on ground and on 1st floor. Main portions: hall, big kitchen and 4 rooms; other 8 portions - individual / shared rooms; restrooms - 10 western type and 2 Indian type.

To admit an elder in the home, a application form has to be filled by the admission seekers. Aadhaar card copy and 2 photos of the elder are required. Admission of 75% peoples reserved for destitute elders.

For Paid or Fund support category (shared rooms) monthly maintenance cost Rs. 7,000/- and Rs. 21,000/- as one time donation has to be paid during admission for the normal elders. In case of bed ridden patients Rs.12,000/- as monthly maintenance cost and Rs.36,000/- as one time donation are collected.

The one time donation is non-refundable; utilised to develop infrastructures like steel cots, mattresses, wheel chairs, etc for the Home.

If a resident requires special health cares or requires individual room, it is charged Rs.15,000 and more, considering the space, medicines, one-to-one care and other facilities required to them.


To maintain the Home and elders care we have appointed 4 care takers and 2 house keeping assistant.

Supports like day care, full time care, washing, elders friendly food preparation, entertainments, poojas, temple visits are provided to the inmates of the Home. The Home is run like a typical family like system.

Our doctors would visit regularly on fortnightly basis and also request and for any emergencies. In case of emergency we provide medical care in hospital located nearby to our Home.

We have a own advanced life support ambulance at our Home service, round the clock.

Extra medical care (medicines, hospitalisation, etc) if any, should be taken care by inmate's relatives (if applicable).
Orphaned elders will be taken care by Home and by our volunteers.

Our Volunteers are the wealth of the Home. They realises this charity mission is run with 100% transparency.

Many of the volunteers spend their weekend time with the elders and assist in Home maintenance, accounting and other admin related work. College and school students love to visit our elders home periodically. They are allowed to have conversations with elders and we will provide opportunity to discuss more about the problems faced by elders.


We accommodate destitute elders or elders from poor background at free of cost. But the number of admission for free is restricted to 30, total capacity is 40 beds.

The remaining 10 admission is reserved for payment category. This is since we are not getting any monitory fund from Govt. or private agencies to pay the floor rent, salaries, electricity, medical care, food, etc.

To admit an elder under free category (75% of residents) we need a general memo from police department and/or valid reference from field volunteers, who act as guardians to the elder. 

The general memo from police only assures the state of a senior citizen as destitute, which is legally valid.

All the running costs are managed from the contribution from inmates relatives,  supports from well wishers and from founders' contributions.

We are own building's construction project  is seeking public's contribution. The proposed building will accommodate 100 destitute elders and they will be given state-of-the-art geriatric care techniques. This is our one of the Founder Late Sarathy's dream project.

Once when we settle in our own premises, our budget would be minimised and we will be providing all services to the helpless elders for free of cost.

Idhaya Vaasal Elders' Home,
Registered with DSWO, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, ROC No. 2091/A3/2022, Dt.: 22-05-2023

இதயவாசல் முதியோர் இல்லம்
Old Age Home's Registration with District Social Welfare Office, South Chennai, under the Rule 12(3) of the Tamil Nadu Maintenance and Welfare of the Parents and Senior Citizens Rule 2009 (Central Act 56 of 2007) and for a Registration period from 22.05.2023 to 21.05.2026.