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need of old age Homes

According to a recent report, over 80 lakh old persons in India are homeless. Their survival issues have doubled due of the global COVID-19 outbreak. Because of their poverty, the majority of these old folks have been left behind by their own relatives. They are forced to beg for their lives because of their old age. There is no one to care for them in their latter years when they experience severe disease, loss of mobility, or psychosocial distress. In India, a large number of volunteers step up to rescue destitute individuals from the streets. With the assistance of the police department, they then place the individuals in appropriate care facilities. 

Senior persons living in old age homes are given a dignified life with safe and secure shelter. We as a society must reach out and assist them. Supporting senior living facilities that perform better and are ethical must therefore be seen as part of our societal responsibilities. Homes in and around Chennai.

Idhaya Vaasal Elders Home

Idhaya Vaasal Elders' Home,
Registered with DSWO, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, ROC No. 2091/A3/2022, Dt.: 22-05-2023

இதயவாசல் முதியோர் இல்லம்
Old Age Home's Registration with District Social Welfare Office, South Chennai, under the Rule 12(3) of the Tamil Nadu Maintenance and Welfare of the Parents and Senior Citizens Rule 2009 (Central Act 56 of 2007) and for a Registration period from 22.05.2023 to 21.05.2026.

With 40 elderly people, Idhaya Vaasal Elders' Home operates as a large family. For patients with various old-age ailments, the Home offers bed-care services. After receiving the appropriate medical treatment, patients with heart disease, brain stroke, cancer, orthopaedic injuries, and severe diabetes mellitus were admitted for residential care. With 14 years of selfless, sincere services given to the underprivileged elderly, Idhaya Vaasal acquired a good reputation in society and received a number awards and rewards for the noble humanitarian services. Admission Procedure Link

Currently, Surya, our beloved Sarathy's best friend, manages the Home on his behalf and in his honour. All of Sarathy's friends and well-wishers are encouraging Surya to carry on with this admirable initiative, which was started with pure intentions.

Without sufficient support from the general public, every shelter home would experience financial difficulties. To Idhaya Vaasal Elders Home, as the cost of renting the building accounts for one-third of the overall operating expenses. The cost of groceries, prescription medicines, and bed-care pharma supplies makes up another significant portion of the monthly budget. The Trust has long dreamed of operating these care services on its own premises.

The Aarathy Trust purchased 7,020 square feet to materialize the dream home's concept and offered to develop a large structure with cutting-edge geriatric care amenities on 4,500 square feet of that space. The proposed new two-story structure will accommodate 100 destitute and poor elderly people and offer free meals, bedding, healthcare, and recreational amenities. We request all generous donors to support this noble cause.

Physiotheraphy Idhaya Vaasal Elders Home

Administration and Volunteers

The Trust has employed a staff nurse, a physiotherapist, two full-time caregivers, two part-time caregivers, two administrative workers, and two housekeeping assistants to maintain the Home and provide care for the elderly.

Outsiders are also encouraged to offer their services as volunteers, and those who come to the house often grow very connected to our elders. because all of the Trust's activities are completely transparent and it has no hidden agendas. In fact, the Home's wealth is its sincere volunteers.

Flag hoisting Idhaya Vaasal Elders Home

TV Program on Idhaya Vaasal

A segment of News7 Channel Series, 'Phoenix Manithargal' (Persons like Phoenix): Dr.C.R.Suriyakumar - the man supporting the homeless elderly and bringing them to the Idhaya Vaasal Home to give care

(ஃபீனிக்ஸ் மனிதர்கள்: சாலையில் சுற்றித்திரியும் முதியோர்களை ஆதரவளித்து சாரதியின் இதயவாசலுக்கு அழைத்து வரும் Dr.C.R. சூரியகுமார்).
This News7 Channels program covered our the elderly care activities on a fine day.

Baby shower at idhaya vaasal elders home

Present requirement of Idhaya Vaasal Elders' Home

•    One month groceries (appx. Rs. 48,000)

•    4 Panel Bed Side Screen WH-564 B (2 Nos) costs Rs.800

•    Bedside Food Serving Tables for Patients (4 Nos) costs Rs.10,000

•    Bosch Vaccuum cleaner 1200 W 20 L Wet/dry (1 Nos) costs Rs.13,500 

•    BP digital machines, Omran (3 Nos) costs Rs.5,400 

•    Invertor + Battery costs Rs.20,000 

•    Wellton Healthcare Ambulance Type stretcher WH-078 (1 Nos) costs Rs.79200

dental checkup

Health Care at Home

Idhaya Vaasal prioritises the admission of elderly patients who are bedridden and provides them with trained caregivers and appropriate care. The doctors would make fortnightly visits and as on need. In the event of an emergency, Kamatchi and Deepam Hospitals, which are close by, offers required medical care. If any extra medical care (drugs, hospitalisation, etc.) if it  is required, sponsors and volunteers will help pay for it.

Xmas celebration

Mission Driving Energy - Humanity

The Trust does not get any funding from the government. With founder contribution and public support, this is a self-financing home run.

Supporters are those who fully perceive importance of the mission and its devotion to humanity, feel a part of the "Idhaya Vaasal" family. Every type of festival is celebrated at home, and humanity take priority over caste and creed.

Subramanian Thathaa

Aarathy Trust's Other Activities

The Trust frequently conducts health camps for underprivileged people and hospital collaborations for assisting needy beneficiary. The Trust also maintains a strong network with NGOs to support and receive support for general social concerns, disaster management, and providing financial and medical help to poor students and daily-wage workers. We are able to care for numerous lives thanks to our kind sponsors!🙏