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Parthasarathy - the kind heart

A child of different commitments, mindful of helping thoughts - that is Service Sarathy!

Late Parthasarathy alias Service Sarathy was an astonishing being and a great social worker. He became a regular visitor to many orphanages, old age /shelter homes, health care institutes and volunteered his services from his childhood.

Also he was actively participated in Exnora (Zonal Head - Saidapet), 'Friends of Police', 'Home Guard' and area peoples' representative for Corporation. Many social service activities like blood donation camp, medical camps, rallies for social awareness and many similar activities were carried out with volunteers support and public's encouragement.

Sarathy and Baba
Sarathy and Paatties
In an Interview with Reporter
Sarathy Surya with elders
Sarathy and Mary Patti
Sarathy and Annamma

Mode of donation payments


Sarathy had been visiting Elders Homes in and around Chennai from his school days. He used to spend his time with each and every inmate of the Home he visits and take care about cleaning, feeding making their time with lighter by chatting and comforting with cheerful words. This Idhaya Vaasal Elders' Home was his brain-child, had been thinking for a long a while to give a kick start.

Sarathy struggled very much to start this Home in 2008 January. First of all his family did not support his idea, pointing out that he was newly employed in BPO sector - where he could hardly get time to do such services. Second thing was no one of the house-owners in his area come forward to give their space to run an elders' home. Finally he got a place at Pallavaram area but somehow he could not start it at there.

Home at Velachery
With many of his friends' support he started this mission at MGR Nagar, Velachery. During first few months he met so many problems to manage the care takers, procuring provision, rent, food like expenses and sharing his time with elders (even though 4 inmates at that time). Within few months he needed more space but many people hesitated renting out their space for elders' Home. At this time Mr.Suriyakumar, his family friend completed his PhD and joined hands with Sarathy. The service mission expanded to other platforms too.

Home got new space
Even after shifting the Home for a higher rental charges at Velachery Check-post (7 beds). We had many struggles with the house owner. We could not tolerate the self-centric land-lady more than 6 months (June-Dec '09).

Home is in good hands
On 17, Jan'10 we again shifted to the present building hired by Surya and partners hired for executing some businesses. Now to the same cost of rent, the space became double and can be accommodated 15 elders in our Home. Good aeration, light and comfortable environment were enjoyed much by the elders. Here the building owner is very kind and genuine. From our side the Home is maintained very well, hygienic and the space is treated as our own and we took care of all the building maintenance costs. The Home was provided with all 3 time food by Surya and team from the food business - Rusi Mess, till November, 2010 - until the business was closed.

Annual Day Celebration

mega medical camp
On 14th Feb, 2010 the Home celebrated Annual Day by organising a Mega Public Free Medical Camp (general, dental and eye check-ups) along with blood donation section. Nearly 500 beneficiaries participated and with the support of volunteers from eNoah and well-wishers of this Elders Home. The Rusi Mess (run by Dr.Surya and Partners) bore most of the expenses of the event and and Mr. Thiruvenkatam, Nehru Nagar arranged shamiana's and chairs.

Now Home needs more space
Sarathy was planning to construct a full-fledged facility for elders at Perumaleri near Mamallapuram by raising fund. He had 3.5 grounds of his ancestral property there. But his sudden demise ruined all such service related plans.  In the end of year 2010 we still needed more space to accommodate at lease 25-30 elders (appx. 2000-2500 sq feet).

Home will speak Sarathy's name
The Home is presently run with 40 elders in an area of 6,000 sq.ft area (living space) in Pallikaranai, Chennai on behalf of, in memory of our beloved Sarathy, by his best friend Surya. All of Sarathy's friends and well-wishers started to support and strengthening Surya's hands to continue this noble cause - started by a good heart.

The New Building at Padappai
In the year 2020 the mission of building a new old home for Idhaya Vaasal was started. The land with an extent of 7,020 sq.ft was purchased in March 2021 on Trust's name and construction of building in an area of 4,500 sq.ft. has been started by July 2021.


சேவை செம்மல் சாரதி

இருபத்தாறு அல்ல
ஆறு வயது குழந்தை அவன்

நொடிக்கு ஒரு சிரிப்பு மின்னல்
பேசினாலே லேசாகும் மனது

சமூக சேவைக்கு சட்டென
இழுத்துப்போவான் யாரையும்

இதற்குள்ளாகவா முடியவேண்டும்
இப்படியொரு இனிய பிறவி !

இளையோர்க்கு இரங்கும் இதயம் !
முதியோர்பால் அலாதி அன்பு !
நோயுற்றவர் மனநாடி அறிவான்
மருந்து பாதி அன்பு மீதி என்
இவன் தேற்றியவர்கள் ஏராளம் !

சேவை மனம், சீர்கேட்டுக்கு எதிராய்
சேவல் குணம் - சீர்திருத்தங்களுக்கு
பலவாறு பலரோடு
பலவித படைகளை அமைத்தான்!

சேவையில் செம்மலே !
சமூகம் திரும்பிப்பார்க்கும்போது
ஏன் மறைந்து போனாய்?

சேவையில் சாரதி

மடியேந்தி தாலாட்டி, பாராட்டி,
சீராட்டி - அழகாக அமுதூட்டுவாய்!
முடியாத வயதிலே, அணைப்பிற்கு ஏங்கினால்
ஆறுதல் மொழிகள் சொல்வாய்!

திக்கற்ற எளியோர்க்கு கருணைமழை பொழிந்த உனை
இறைவனாய் பார்த்ததுண்டு!
திசைமாறும் இளையோர்க்கு சேவைக்கு வழிசொல்ல
இதயவாசல் திறந்தாய்! - உனை
அரங்கமே பாராட்ட அழைக்கும் நேரம் பார்த்து
துயரத்தில் ஆழ்த்திச்சென்றாய்!

ஆரதியின் சேவையெல்லாம்
சாரதியின் கரங்களென எந்நாளும் எடுத்துச்சொல்வோம்! - நாம்
எந்நாளும் எடுத்துச்சொல்வோம்! - இல்லம்
எந்நாளும் எடுத்துச்சொல்லும்!