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This page covers the background of Trust, elders' home, land purchase and new building plan and its developmental work are given in a nut-shell.

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Background of This Charity

Aarathy Charitable Trust is a registered Trust, running an old age home named Idhaya Vaasal (entrance to the heart) for 13 years now at Pallikaranai, Chennai.

Before the inception of this charity work, the Trustees were visiting and volunteering many homes in and around Chennai. This was the dream home of  Founder of the Trust, Late Parthasarathy (aka) Service Sarathy, and this home is now continued in memory of Sarathy.

We admit destitute elders sent with police memo & referred by NGOs and the poor and needy patients for their medical and bed-care supports. Since we are regularly paying huge amount for rent and salaries we could not save enough amount for our dream new home.

We humbly request your support to this humanity service project and to make this dream come true. Be a part of this big, noble humanity mission.

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Activities of Home

The Idhaya Vaasal Elders' Home is a registered Home with DSWO of Tamil Nadu Government, currently accommodates 40 elderly residents and 13 of them are bed-ridden patients. Presently functioning at Pallikaranai, Chennai, in a rented building with living area of 6,000 sq. ft. One third of the monthly budget for running the Home is spent for building rent and related expenses alone. We could save that amount for further developments.

Land area with total extend of 7,200 sq.ft. purchased on Trust's name in March 2021, which is located at Kanchivakkam, near Padappai (outskirt of Chennai).

Series of fundraising events and programs were planned and being executed by team of volunteers and well-wishers.

Please join hands in this noble humanity mission, which is going to be a model Home of its kind with state-of-the-art geriatric care features.

New Building

New Charity Building Project

Trust is planning to construct in 4,500 sq.ft as G+2 floors on 7,020 sq.ft. of land purchased recently on Trust's name.  Total living area is 13,500 sq.ft. First phase of project require 1 crore and total budget is 2.25 crore. Details on Donation /Contribution. GPay 94449 04947

As soon as ground floor of the new building project is completed we are planning to shift to this new Home. This home will accommodate at least a 100 homeless poor /helpless patients /destitute elders. Your any kind of help to this project will be an immense support to this noble charity service.

Your can transfer your kind contribution to the Trust's Building Project Account,

Account Name:
Aarathy Charitable Trust - Building Fund
Axis Bank, Pallikaranai Branch, Chennai
SB A/c: 9200 100 6969 9940
IFSC: UTIB0003944

TV Program on Idhaya Vaasal

Present Building at Pallikaranai, Chennai

A Coverage of News7 Channel Series, 'Phoenix Manithargal' (Persons like Phoenix): Dr.C.R.Suriyakumar - the man supporting the homeless elderly and bringing them to the Idhaya Vaasal Home to give care.

In Tamil, 'ஃபீனிக்ஸ் மனிதர்கள்: சாலையில் சுற்றித்திரியும் முதியோர்களை ஆதரவளித்து சாரதியின் இதயவாசலுக்கு அழைத்து வரும் Dr.C.R. சூரியகுமார்'.

This News7 Channels program covered all our elderly care activities on a fine day.

Youtube Links | News7 | Aarathy Trust

Purchase of Land, New Building Plan and Developments

Trust's Land

Trust's Land

With the Trust's savings (50%) and loans lent by well-wishers of the Home, purchase land on Trust's name. The total cost was 41 lakh, land area is 7020 sq.ft (nearly 3 grounds).

On 10th March, 2021 the land (plots) at Kanchivakkam Green Grove Jeyam Nagar – Annexure 6, approved layout, was registered at Guduvanchery Sub-Registrar Office.

Cost of Land
New Building Side Front Elevation

New Building Plan

The land is on a approved layout and we received Patta, Chitta and related documents from Village Administration Officer.

Er. V. Shankar was appointed as civil contractor to construct the building. Plan for construction of building in 4,536 sq.ft of land is developed and with GF + 2 Floors, the total living area will be 13,608 sq.ft.

This home will accommodate at least a 100 destitute elders and will have facilities of state-of-the-art.

Total Station - Field Survey

Steps of Building Project

 Work and procedures like cleaning and leveling the land, fencing, soil testing, total station survey, obtaining EB connection, drilling a bore-well and installation of motor-pump were completed.

By engaging a designer, architect and engineering teams, developed a building plan and got approval from DTCP - Government authorities.

Google Sketch by Aarathy Trust


Approved Layout of Green Grove Annexure-6

Approved Layout Plan

Boomi Poojai

Boomi-Poojai Volunteers

Rough Sketch of GF

Rough Sketch of G.Floor

Cleaning the Land

Cleaning the Land

Approved Building Plan

Approved Building Plan

Boomi Pooja

Boomi Poojai Photos

Boomi Poojai Meeting

Boomi-Poojai Meeting

Land Area Sketch

Land area sketch


Fencing Work

Fencing Work

Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Total Station Survey

Total Station Survey

Water Diviner

Water Diviner at Work

Borewell Drilling

Drilling Bore-well (400')

EB connection motor pump installation

EB Connection & Motor - Pump Installation

EB Connection

EB Connection Details

Ground Breaking

Ground Pooja by Er. Team


Patta Survey No. 2C

Patta for Plot - 2C

Patta Survey No. 2D

Patta for Plot - 2D

'A' register extract 1106

A register extract - 1106

'A' register extract 1107

A register extract 1107

Adangal of Survey No. 2C

Adangal Plot - 2C

Adangal of Survey No. 2D

Adangal Plot - 2D

FMP Sketch

FMP Sketch of lands

Advance Payment to Engineer 15Aug21

Advance to Engineer


Ground Floor Sketch

Ground Floor Sketch

first Floor Sketch

First Floor Sketch

second Floor Sketch

Second Floor Sketch

Terrace Sketch

Terrace Sketch


New Building Project

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